The handling of over-weight and over-volume cargoes is a delicate job that must be handled by professionals. Over the years, working on projects that requires more than just knowledge of the functioning of shipping, Silver Lynx has developed a creative third eye that enables us to provide clients with out of the box thinking required to move special cargoes.

Silver Lynx has developed an instinctive third eye that enables us to provide clients with out of the box solutions to meet their project needs. Site survey, Dismantling project at sites, lifting with special tools and equipment, loading to the trailers/vessel with utmost care for the cargo moving with police escorts to the job site with erecting and commission.

  • Organizing the berthing of the vessel at a suitable berth, as a vessel handling agent
  • Organizing route survey from the terminal to the project site to determine the precautions to be taken & to be aware of the statutory limitations & permissions to be taken by concern authorities in advance to move the cargo as per the schedule.
  • Customs documentation for OMAN or GCC countries through OMAN customs authority.
  • Supervision at the time of discharging or loading the cargo at any OMAN ports.
  • Arrangement of heavy lift cranes, Low bed trailers, mafi trailers, dolly trailers for odd dimensional, heavy lift cargo for easy handling.
  • Selection of suitable transportation system & ensuring that required number of trailers with suitable capacity.
  • Making arrangements for the transshipment vessel or tug and barge, if transshipment by sea is involved for third country destination.
  • Arranging discharge survey & loading survey for the cargo and lashing supervision.
  • Coordination with cargo receivers to ensure that project site is ready to receive the project cargo at destination.
  • Positioning of the project cargo at the site & assisting the receivers to offload the cargo at the site with suitable cargo handling requirements. Our involvement in the construction of major landmarks of OMAN validates our importance in the OMAN shipping industry.